Victoria Beckham at Holt Renfrew - Vancouver, BC | ©Tiffany Alonzo

Holt Renfrew Vancouver hosted a private fashion event for celebrity fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, on June 15, 2012.  This was not an event for the public, but Victoria was going to make a quick photo op appearance before moving on to the event. 

I showed up early and waited along side other early birds. As time went on, a large crowd of fans accumulated while photographers and  videographers filled the media pit.  Victoria was late, but she kept everyone up to date via Twitter. 
Now that she was hours late, some media decided she wasn't worth the wait and left.  However, the fans didn't care. Once she arrived, Victoria stood in her signature pose for her photo op for about two minutes, then walked off. Media complained about this, but I guess they didn't get the memo that she was there for a private event and the photo op went exactly as it was supposed to. To be honest, what else did they expect from a private event?

Victoria Beckham at Holt Renfrew - Vancouver, BC | ©Tiffany Alonzo

Once off the platform, Victoria mingled with fans who waited hours to see her. She talked and joked, took photos with fans, gave out hugs and signed autographs. This is the part that media outlets *forgot* to mention in their articles.  

It was chaos as Victoria was lead through the crowd by her body guards.  Contradicting her usual straight-faced red carpet facial expression, Victoria was very smiley, down-to-earth and funny. When she was beside me, she looked into my camera and gave a shy smile. Unfortunately, my arm was bumped by the crowd and the photo came out blurry. Someone had a puppy with them and it completely stole her attention as she gave it baby talk and hugs. 

When Victoria and I were taking a photo together, the crowd bumped into me once again. She asked if the photo turned out and I said it was blurry. Surprisingly, she asked to take another one. We took another photo and her body guard was telling her she had to keep moving. She asked if the photo was okay and I said yes, then she moved on. She also signed my copy of her book, "That Extra Half An Inch". 

I was really surprised at how down-to-earth Victoria was with everyone and the time she took for them (even apologizing for being so late). Like I mentioned before, this was a private event and she did not have to mingle with fans, it was her choice to do so. And yes, she looks exactly like she does on TV and in magazines; tiny, beautiful and fashionable.

Victoria Beckham at Holt Renfrew with Tiffany Alonzo - Vancouver, BC | ©Tiffany Alonzo

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