Whether it's in person or online, there have been many questions I've been asked over the years. So, I decided to post the top four personal questions I've been asked for you Curious George's out there.

1. How did you start?
I finally made the decision to get behind the lens when my then fiance (now husband) asked me, "What do you want to do in life?"

Who knew it could be that simple? I purchased a camera and just went for it. I practiced on people I knew and after one month I got my first photo shoot together. Probably wasn't such a good idea, since I didn't really know what I was doing, but it was a TFCD (Time For Compact Disc) shoot and it seemed that everyone involved wanted the experience. The model for the day was Sisi Wang (Canada's Next Top Model), who I found in my list of "friends" on MySpace. After that, I just kept putting together little photo shoots to gain more experience and contacts. I admit, it was easier for me considering I'm a female and already had some contacts through modelling.

2. Did you go to school for photography?
No, I taught myself what I know through trial and error and books. Mostly trial and error. I don't have anything against going to school, I just enjoy learning on my own.

3. Where do you get your models, stylists, make-up artist, etc?
Through networking and agencies.

4. Do you take apprenticeships?
I've never done this although it's something I'm frequently asked by photography students. Being a self-taught photographer, I don't feel there is anything I can really teach a student who is in school. However, the more shoots I'm doing, the more I feel like I need an assistant at times, so this may change. Doesn't hurt to give a student the experience of being on set of a photo shoot.

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